ISO9001 – Size doesn’t matter – Honest!

Did you know that ISO9001 is for you no matter what size of business you are? My smallest client is a sole trader and my largest has over 600 employees with everything in between. Below is an example list of the types of clients I have helped over the past 5 years:

  • Cable distributor and manufacturer with 1 employee
  • Security Systems & Electrical Installations company with 5 employees
  • Construction company with 6 employees
  • IT company with 7 employees
  • Funeral Directors with 45 employees
  • Architects with 30 employees
  • County Council Shared Services with 100 employees
  • Fleet Management company  with 660 employees

As you can see a from my examples ISO9001 is really for everyone.  I work with service based organisations of all sizes implementing and maintaining ISO9001 using the same tried and tested formula. First I process map the top level of the organisation. Secondly I define exactly what they do by writing procedure documents and thirdly carry out internal audits for them. I also help them carry out Management reviews and sit in during external audits.

The main difference with smaller companies is I am working with the Owner of the business, whereas with larger organisations I work with usually with a Top Management representative. Each type of business does present it own unique challenges depending on how engaged everyone is involved with the process of becoming ISO9001 certified.

So who do you know who might need ISO9001? Be sure to let them know size really doesn’t matter and send them my way.

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