It’s time to get your game face on…. it’s time to get serious about your marketing

If you’re serious about growing your business, then you need to get serious about your marketing too – it’s time to get your game face on!

Your prospective customers need to know you mean business. I’m not talking here about looking good, although your physical presence is important. I am talking here about investing in your marketing. This investment could be monetary, but it will definitely mean time. Time to plan out your marketing, time to consider what you want achieve and what marketing is going to get you there.

But what can you hope to achieve with some great marketing?

Your customers will clear on your brand and messaging. You’ll get more from your existing customers and you’ll find new customers, who are the most profitable. In short your sales will increase and you’ll grow your business and who doesn’t want that?

I often talk to my clients about 3 areas that they can focus on to kick-start their marketing:



Let’s start with the obvious one. Yes, you need customers to run a business, but we need to look deeper than this. I’ve been guilty of this in the part. Lured by the sale, we don’t look past this to whether this customer is the right one for us. Take a look at your customers. Which customers are bring you in the most profit, which ones are supporting where you want to take your business? Now focus on going and finding more of them.

It’s also worth breaking your customers down into groups. This may be on how they shop with you, what they buy and why. It may also be on what they’re interested in and what motivates them. This will help you to target them more effectively with relevant communications.


Consistency in your branding is the key to building trust with your customers. Do customers experience the same tone, service, experience at every touch-point of your company? Successful brands are authentic, you know what you’re going to get no matter where or how you experience the brand

Consistency of presence is also important. There’s no point in pushing some content out on Twitter once in a while or emailing your customers when you’re about to launch a new product. You have to maintain a presence, be consistent in your communications. That could be a post every day or every week, depending on what you can maintain. Being consistent will make you more recognisable and your engagement with customers increases.


This one seems obvious, but is so often forgotten. Planning is so important in marketing. It can save you both time and money. My clients are often surprised when I save them money by stopping activity, but the wrong marketing can be costly and have a negative impact on you and your brand.

Think about what you are trying to achieve. Break this down into time periods and then look at what marketing you can do in each of these slots. This will help you make the most of any content you have as well as provide some consistency of contact.

I’ve touched very lightly on 3 areas of marketing that you can focus on. Marketing is a big area, but breaking this down to these 3 will kick-start your marketing effort.

If this has you fired up and you’re looking at what the first steps might be, please contact me at CBM and I can guide you further.

If you’re serious about growing your business, you do have to get serious about your marketing – get that game face on! . Our bootcamps are a great way to do this. With 6 interactive sessions we’ll look at different areas of marketing each week and consider what you need to do in your business. You’ll be held accountable for actions and progress – yes we’re deadly serious about you progressing your marketing too!

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