Join the next WIBN Webinar this Friday!!!!

The WIBN Members exclusive Webinar programme continues with a series of Webinars covering a range of topics such as making the most of your monthly minutes, overcoming those things that can hold you back from getting out there and networking, using networking as a powerful marketing tool, getting the most out of social media, having a go at blogging & Vlogging to boost your networking, and finally prioritising your networking contacts to spring board you into 2018. Register now for all the sessions and get them into your diary. These are all scheduled for the first Friday of each month at lunchtime – a great way to maximise your time and have your own “working lunch”.  Don’t worry if you can’t attend the Live Event – you will be sent a link to view the Webinar as a replay on the WIBN YouTube channel at your own convenience. These are member exclusive webinars so contact your group leader who will send you the links to register. Top Tip: For best results try using Firefox, Chrome or Safari to register and then to access the Live event. Friday 7th July – The Power of 60 seconds: Friday 4th August – Feel the fear (of networking…) and do it anyway!   Friday 1st September – Perfecting Your Marketing Message:   Friday 6th October – Social Media as a Networking Tool:   Friday 3rd November – Brilliant Blogging & Vibrant Vlogging:   Friday 1st December – Who’s on your Christmas Card list?? ”