Kirstie Richardson – Alexander Technique workshops and lessons in South Essex

Alexander Technique is a learned skill, taught by gentle hands-on contact and explanation. Especially beneficial for those with back pain, it teaches you to reduce tension and pain and improves balance, co-ordination and ease of movement. It has often been taught alongside yoga as a complementary practice. It is also widely used in sports, music and theatre to improve performance and avoid injury.

“if you stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing does itself”
F.M. Alexander

Alexander Technique and movement practitoner Kirstie Richardson ATE, BA (Hons), Cert ED completed her training at the East Anglia Centre for Alexander Technique (EACAT). She has had a 25 year career as a professional dancer and teacher at leading schools such as English National Ballet, Laban and the Circus Space. She has successfully integrated her Alexander Technique and movement practice by working in a range of health settings including Little Havens and Great Ormond Street Hospital. Kirstie currently has an Alexander Technique practice in Leigh on Sea and is a freelance movement practitioner for Dance Art Foundation in London.