Let me be your co-pilot through life’s changes…

Change is good, and can be exciting but also challenging at any time in our lives.
Reaching a new chapter, as we all do from time to time, can be a result of planned or unexpected changes such as:
– Relocating with a new job
– Coming to terms with a newly-emptied nest
– Bereavement or Divorce
– Down-sizing later in life
As an interior designer, I can offer my creative skills, intuition and experience to achieve functional solutions through listening and problem-solving.
You may know someone who is going through the process of downsizing from their beloved family home into a more manageable place, and is tackling the difficult balance of sifting and prioritising precious possessions according to practicality and space.
When life effects big changes, it’s hard to step outside your comfort zone, and it’s good to have an objective companion to help you through that change.
Let me be your co-pilot and we can navigate the changing weather together…