When teaching, I have often used the expression “Listen to your body” but I now realise that perhaps I haven’t finished the sentence. “Listen to your body and act on what you hear”.

How often to we get to the end of the day feeling thirsty because we didn’t go and get ourselves a drink? Perhaps pushing through a pain barrier in the gym despite that niggling thought that something wasn’t quite right? Yes, do listen to your body but also take time to hear and process the information you receive.

A wise lady recently said “You’ve got a long time to live in this body – look after it” and I wondered how often we consciously make that decision. How often do we prioritise our body above some of those daily chores which could wait? I suspect the answer is no often enough. Rather than constantly persevering and pushing through, perhaps consider a different course.

How about giving your body a chance to catch up? There’s a strong possibility that you will get back on track with renewed energy, enthusiasm and vigour because your body will thank you for the rest. I saw a quote “If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to your body, you wouldn’t have any friends left”.

Let’s stay friends with our body and appreciate our health before we fall out and cause an permanent rift. So pour that water, arrange that appointment, read that book…
If you’d like to stop a while, how about trying a Reiki treatment to nourish your mind, body and spirit.
– Amanda x