Liverpool does the business!!!

May 4TH 2016.

I have just spent a hugely enjoyable couple of hours with the Liverpool “Women in Business Network” group. WIBN are an amazing organisation bringing together businesswomen in small groups all over the UK to build networks, share experiences and drive business. I am enjoying tapping into the skills and knowledge of a group of incredibly powerful and dynamic businesswomen – and I am learning new things!! Having been immersed in the world of Healthcare for so long it’s very exciting and energising to remember that there is another business world out there that sees the skills and experiences that I have built up over those years as really valuable. I’m enjoying sharing my knowledge and capabilities with likeminded women who see what I’m offering as being hugely useful for their own businesses as diverse as catering, financial services, legal services and physiotherapy (to mention just a few). It’s encouraged me to remember the things that I’m great at such as customer relationship building, strategic planning and brand marketing, as well as delivering marketing capability development through training, coaching & mentoring. WIBN is stretching me but also helping me to refocus on my strengths, so I would recommend to anyone to step outside of their current business world and get a taste of someone else’s as it makes you realise that your potential customers and contacts are more diverse than you realise.