Mailchimp Masterclass in Leeds

Learn skills, gain confidence and discover the potential power of Mailchimp to engage with new clients and reconnect with lapsed customers.

On this masterclass you will learn how to use Mailchimp’s different functions, how to use templates and how to structure an email for maximum open rates, how to segment your contact list and deliver tailored content, and how to record, measure and integrate Mailchimp with other systems to improve your overall marketing activity.

What’s included:

  • Understanding the different functions of Mailchimp
  • Choosing the right tools for your business needs
  • Using templates
  • Effective segmentation of data and personalisation
  • Measurement: what’s relevant and what’s useful, how to use your results
  • Beyond Mailchimp – social support, CRM integration and conversion

This is an exclusive masterclass for WIBN members and places are limited to 20 so please book well in advance.