Making Your Home Safer with These Senior Home Improvement Tips

Our seniors may require a higher level of comfort in their homes. Although they make the effort to stay strong and to catch up on younger generations, it is not a secret that seniors need a more gentle and easy home so that they can stay independent in their own way. After all, even as seniors, they would still want to feel that they are capable and strong to bring out tasks on their own.

Yes, some home improvement can be very helpful to make the seniors’ home more senior-proof. This is to make them more comfortable and confident to require less assistance. Here are some home improvement tips to make a senior home safer.

Home Improvement Tips Considering Seniors Health

Although they prefer to still be considered as healthy and fit, the truth is that seniors are not as physically fit as they once were. Thus, their home should also go with the pace of their own lifestyle. It would even be much better to have just one floor so that they will not get easily exhausted by going up and down the stairs.

When improving seniors’ home always consider that, the home will be used by those who may not be as physically strong and active anymore.

Bathroom Improvements

A large focus should be given to the bathroom when improving seniors’ home. For one, the bathroom is always used and most designs use tiles which can be slippery. Make the bathroom safer by using floor materials that are not as slippery as tiles. Also, avoid adding steps or divisions in senior bathrooms as this can get in their way when moving around.

Kitchen Improvements

The kitchen is the heart of a home and is the most active room, even for seniors. This is where cooking and sometimes even eating is done. Make the kitchen safer by avoiding corners especially on counters. Instead, you can redesign it to have a curve, instead of a pointed corner.

Also, remodel the cabinets and drawers to make them easier to reach. Avoid placing cabinets higher on the wall. The lower the cabinets are, the easier for items to be reached.

Bedroom and Living Room Improvements

The bedroom is the second most active room in a home and the third is the living room. Although these rooms are generally safer than the first two mentioned, there are still a few items you can consider to make the house more senior-proof like living room furniture.

For instance, in both rooms, you can place the power outlets where it is easier for them to reach and they do not have to stoop down. Also, avoid carpets or rugs as much as possible, especially if these can make the floor slippery.

Doing these home improvements can make our seniors feel more efficient and confident with themselves. It is also our way to help them feel that they are still an important part of our society and our lives. Help seniors improve the comfort and safety of their homes and make them happy seniors.