Marketing For Start Ups : Mastering the Basics

Marketing is critical to the success of any start-up, but where do you focus your attention, how get your name out there and how do you make the most of a small budget?

During this 90 minute masterclass, you’ll be guided through the basics of great marketing with lots of practical tips and information to get marketing working for you and your business.

You will learn :

  • How to differentiate yourself against your competition
  • Which customers to target
  • How to create the right message
  • How to get you and your message out there.


With only 4 people in the session, you’ll have plenty of time to explore how to make marketing work for your business.


At just £75 for the session, plus a free 15 minute follow up call, it’s a small investment to help your business succeed.


For more information and to book or call Claire on 07766 785582