My Ode to the WIBN 2016!

We recently enjoyed a festive WIBN meeting at the White Hart in Winkfield.  Being the season to be jolly, we were asked to include certain festive words like “Sparkle” and “Snow” in our 60 second talk.

I have been a member at the WIBN for almost seven years!  Rather than use the minute to promote my services, I wanted to say a little thank you to the inspiring ladies who are all part of my networking group.  I can honestly say that over half of my business comes from networking and 2016 has been a fantastic year for One To Three.  I’ve also used the services of many of these ladies and better still recommended them to my contacts.  So here is my little ode to the WIBN!…                        

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all was not well.
Santa was exhausted
And started to yell:

“The kids are all sorted.
It’s the adults you see,
They’re tired and stressed
And that’s bothering me!

My elves have all finished
Their work for the year.
But those adults lack sparkle
And need festive cheer.”

St. Nick scratched his beard
And called on his brain.
Then picked up the phone
To his Chief Elf Lorraine!

Lorraine was delighted
And knew just what to do.
For inspiring ladies;
She knew one or two!

There’s Anna for Make-up,
Fiona for Jewels,
Gisela knows all
The accountancy rules!

Tash for HR
You really must meet her,
For calming and healing,
There’s only one Geeta!

Shivani for Finance
And Niamh for estates,
Bernadette will assist
with your legal mistakes.

Natalie helps with
Your telesales needs.
For book-keeping,
Take Harriet’s lead.

Did we mention our networks
And contacts aswell?
Dora even has gifts made
From Aloe Vera Gel!

Santa was clapping,
His face was abeam.
All he needed was the help
Of the WIBN team!

He ran outside
And loaded his sleigh.
With vouchers and gifts,
Rudolph lead the way.

And all of those adults
So frazzled and low.
Had the best Christmas ever
(Despite no snow).

And on Christmas Night,
Santa sat with a grin
And raised a glass to the
Wonders of the WIBN!

And as the group laughed
And life felt so swell,
They knew they had saved,
Christmas in Bracknell!!