Myths surrounding broadband and energy


If there is a power cut, one particular company [of the Big Six]  is better in this area than others.

You will see from the above website that actually the power is supplied by a company such as UK Power Networks (in East Anglia) and there is no difference at all in your energy company as far as the supply is concerned.  Power cuts can be caused by the demand that one particular house is making, and another might remain with its lights working because it is making a very low demand.

So what is the difference between the energy companies?   It is service, price and where their head office is based.


If you are going on holiday you can use your mobile phone abroad

Not necessarily.  If you are travelling to the States you need a quad band phone and you need to know in good time before you travel that your phone is able to make international calls.  Talk to your mobile call provider to make sure international roaming is permitted.

In the States the companies that provide broadband and mobile networks are more reliable around the cities but do not necessarily work in more remote areas.  You might find yourself needing a local SIM card – so before you travel make sure your phone is unlocked from your usual network.

Data when roaming can be expensive if you are outside the EU where an agreement has been made to cap charges.  So do you know how to restrict background data?  Do you know how to prevent your APPS updating with mobile data?   Do you know how to make good use of Wifi areas for free internet access when out and about?  This will keep your costs down.

My broadband company has slowed my broadband speed down

The speed of your broadband between the exchange and your router is something that depends more on your environment and interference than anything the company might be doing.  You can do a lot to keep the speeds up to the maximum possible by making sure that your router is in a good position, with minimum interference, that you have a splitter on all telephone sockets and that you are not using extension leads but keeping the router in the main BT socket.  If there are faults on the line you will find the speed slows in order to keep the signal stable.  So check your connections first and see if you can improve the position of the router.

Whilst there are some packages that cap the amount of data you can use in a month, most broadband packages offer unlimited data.  Have you noticed that there seems to be a price war going on with broadband and each company offers very fast speeds in their adverts that is supposed to be better than the competition?

Well there are two methods of getting fixed broadband into your home – Virgin with cable and BT with fixed lines.  BT allows other companies such as Sky, Talk Talk, Utility Warehouse etc. to make use of their lines and their maintenance teams (Open Reach).  By the way, PlusNet is part of BT already!    These companies put their own software onto the BT lines for broadband and calling features.  So there is no difference, and speed variations are more about what is going on in your own home – your wifi, your interference etc. putting your router in a good place and then the quality of your line from the master socket to the exchange.

Just to give you an idea – one customer had asked BT for fibre broadband but was unhappy because it was slow. I checked his postcode and area and he should have been receiving about 14 meg on a standard broadband. I asked him what he used his computer for and it was a bit of research on the internet and emails.  He did not need fibre at all!   It turned out his computer was second hand from one of the family and it was the computer that was slow.  He downgraded back to standard broadband, upgraded his computer and by the end of the year felt that he would have covered the cost of his new laptop, and be saving money and getting the right level of service to match his lifestyle.  Would you like a free review of your utilities?