Nail Your Digital Marketing: Create simple and easy to execute digital marketing plan to generate growth

Who is this workshop for?

Women microbusiness owners and solopreneurs who want to grow their businesses

What is this workshop about?

This workshop is a 3 step approach to optimise SME’s digital marketing (SEO, PPC, Content…) where ever their current stage.

1- Audit: Analyse the current digital presence of your business to assess optimisation opportunities, business needs and gaps between your goals and your current situation

2- Strategic Plan: This step includes the choice and prioritisation of your digital channel in line with message and audience

3- Action Map: Put together a realistic, easy to execute action plan with budgeting

You will also receive a lot of how-to tips, short-cuts, tools and advice to lower the workload and increase the impact of your digital marketing

Why it is important for women entrepreneurs?

Unless you are in the business of digital marketing, this is probably not your favourite topic, and to be fair, you don’t even have that much time for it! So 3 hours of focus will give you clarity on what you should be doing and momentum to execute your plan you will get organised and know exactly what you need to do to achieve your business growth goals using digital marketing.

By the end of your workshop you will leave with: 

  • Audit of your digital marketing presence
  • SMART digital marketing goals
  • Actionable and measurable digital marketing strategy
  • Map of your next 3 months digital marketing actions in line with your business growth objectives
  • A list of easy-to-execute marketing tips
  • A detailed list of next steps for you to take away and execute your digital marketing plan from today.

Ticket Information:

WIBN Special Offer – £150.00

Full Price Ticket – £200.00