National Stress Awareness Day 2017

As its National Stress Awareness Day here are 3 tips that anyone can use to try and reduce stress without the help of an expert!

1. Disconnect yourself from it. 
(otherwise known as Disassociation)

The feelings of stress are usually feelings, images or sounds that play on our mind when we are worrying about something. You know that feeling when you are lying in bed and your mind is going round and round stopping you from sleeping! When we experience these times then we are looking at the world through our own eyes as if it is happening to us right now. So – how do we change this?

Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself floating up and out of your body so you are looking at yourself. Using your minds eye to disassociate or disconnect from those stressful feelings should help to alleviate them.

2. Imagine pushing the feelings away.

Feelings of stress can be very intense – causing your heart, mind and breathing to race in some instances. Close your eyes and concentrate on taking a few deep slow breaths. Take the image thats overtaking your mind and causing you stress and shrink it by sending it into the distance until its so far away that it is barely a pin point.

3. Turn down the brightness or the volume.

Again, close your eyes and concentrate on taking a few deep and slow breaths. Take the picture in your mind and simply turn the volume off – make the movie playing in your mind over and over silent – including your voice in it. Now make the movie black and white and dim. Make it so dim you can barely see it. You may still see the movements but now it is difficult to visualise and its silent.

Hope this tips help and remember stress is a state of mind! Change your thinking – Change your Life!!