Networking Strategy Workshop, Wed 24th April, 6-8pm. Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny

Sir Winston Churchill once said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. The same can be said of our networking. In order to see results you need a plan. So would it surprise you to learn that while most companies will have a business plan and/or marketing strategy, only 20% have a networking strategy? And yet for those who successfully network, 90% of their business comes via their networking channels and activity! So why is it that so many businesses do it in such an ad-hoc way!

Siobhan Fitzpatrick is a highly regarded expert in the field of networking and has spoken extensively on the topic. She is founder of TheNetworkingSummit, Associate of the Women In Business Network Ireland and principle coach at Catseye Coaching Solutions. Through this Networking Strategy Workshop she will guide you through her successful formula which will completely shift your networking activity into more positive and tangible results for you and your business.

This is an interactive workshop where you get to work on your business and developing your networking strategy in line with your business/marketing plan. Siobhan will walk you through the planning process in how to create a valuable network with a long term gain.

You’ll come away with an understanding of:

  • What networking is and is not
  • Why you need to network
  • How many and who you need to network with
  • Who makes the best business partners, and
  • The 10 Networking Commandments

Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Siobhan believes that whether you’re building a business or a career, networking should play a key role in its development. She has lived and worked in four countries, in all of which she found networking and building networks essential for making progress. Following a career spanning 25 years in event management working for national and international companies such as MasterCard Int’l, United Technologies Corporation, Warburg Pincus and Goldman Sachs Siobhan successfully pivoted her career and launched her practice Catseye Coaching Solutions which specialises in career transition. She returned to Ireland in 2015 and launched the Women In Business Network Ireland which currently serves 160 members across 7 counties. Seeing a gap in the market she launched TheNetworkingSummit which successfully delivered its first event in September 2018 to an international audience. Siobhan strongly feels that in creating value before looking to extract it, builds a strong and growing society.


Where: Pembroke Hotel, 11 Patrick Street, Kilkenny, Ireland

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Refreshments will be served between 6-6:30pm