Organising for Creativity with Helen Sanderson

A special workshop at the Village Haberdashery in West Hampstead with organisation guru Helen Sanderson of Ministry of Calm…
Many creatives buy into a romantic myth that being surrounded by messy piles of inspiration and art and craft materials is vital to being an artist. But the reality is that a ordered space will actually support the creative process. Say goodbye to some of that unnecessary stuff crowding up your workspace and hello to new habits that help you focus on the creative projects you’re passionate about. From the outer clutter of your studio or creative space to the inner clutter of your mind, this workshop will help you make room for artistic inspiration!You’ll learn how to:

set clear intentions
create productive to-do lists
embrace imperfection
capture and organise your inspiration
arrange your space to spark creativity
keep up the momentum

Please come and join us for a fun evening with like minded people. For tickets and more info go to