Oxfordshire’s small business market

Hi, everyone.

If we haven’t met already – I represent Norwex, and our mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in your home, and help the environment by reducing single use items. 

Norwex offers range of sustainable and non toxic cleaning products. With Norwex microfibre cloths you can clean 70% of your house with just water, and none of the dangerous cleaning solutions.

  • Norwex cloths remove up to 99% of bacteria off the surface.
  • Norwex decreases cleaning time by up to 70%.
  • Norwex reduces the use of cleaning supplies and products by up to 90%.

Norwex keeps  your home safe, saves you time, money, and helps the environment.

I will have a stall at this market, where you can come along and see a few products and demos. And also there are lots of other stalls, that you might be interested in.