My gut tells me online shopping will be the preferred options from the majority of us during 2021. Online shopping can be “tricky” so, while I absolutely understand that people feel safer and want to avoid stepping into a physical store (and also, most of them do not allow us to try things on during these times) I’d recommend being careful with shopping online, trying to search specific items and avoid random/compulsive purchases. So here are some tips to help make sure your online shopping experience is a good one!

Write a list

My first tip is to write a shopping list and follow it while researching items. Start your list by going through your Spring wardrobe and find the items you feel are missing that can extend your outfits. Do you have a need for new tops, or camisoles, perhaps you may need a few replacement light cardigans – whatever you feel you may need to add to your wardrobe that would actually work with your current collection will ensure you have a list that works rather than a haphazard approach to shopping.

Which clothing brands do you love?

We often gravitate to certain brands that work for us, and our wardrobe will show us those brands. So, while you’re writing your list, find out the brands that seem to pop up regularly. With this in mind, you can then visit their online stores for their new collections or sale items, that match your shopping list!

What cuts work well for your body?

Our body can look amazing in certain styles, and with a knowledge of the style of jeans you love most, to the dress types that you feel amazing in, figure out the cuts and styles you love to wear and this will help you when searching for items online.

For example, if you feel fabulous in square neck tops – look for clothes with a similar neckline that you know you’ll feel confident in. Perhaps you need a new pair of jeans (now we are finally being given the opportunity to go outside with friends once again!), consider the style of jeans you like, as well as the leg length and waist size, which you can replicate with your next purchase. Flared jeans are coming back into fashion, so if you’ve been desperate to get a pair, now is a great time to invest.

What colours will suit your current wardrobe and personal style?

Another really important part to remember when it comes to shopping is to know the colours you love to wear, and that work with your wardrobe. Many online shops allow you to categorise by colour as well as type, so use this option so you’re not distracted by items that just won’t work with your current wardrobe!


Know your budget

My final tip is to consider your budget. Fast fashion works well for quick required pieces, but with so many of us still being wary of going out quite as much, you may want to step back and consider your budget. With a higher ticket price, you will often find a much better item – and if this means waiting a little while before investing in pieces that you will love, or waiting for a sale, then you will find your wardrobe has more clothing that you want to wear more often. Invest in a few important pieces while online shopping that stay within your budget, to treat yourself, but also to know that they will be worn with love & will work with multiple items in your wardrobe (if you’ve done all the other ideas in this list!).


If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of shopping online, or perhaps you have bought clothes in the past that you’re not using, please get in touch – I can help you with my online personal style masterclass where we will work together to create a perfect personal style for you. With this in hand, your shopping (online and offline) will be a much more enjoyable experience!