Shoes can be a fantastic finishing piece to an outfit, and I love seeing how many options we have on the market now. Whether you are looking to have an elegant trainer, a killer heel, a statement boot, or a simple dolly shoe, you can make your statement with your feet in this day and age!

The great thing about shoes is that they can last a lifetime with the right care, so I do recommend investing in a few key styles that can work with several outfits.

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A pair of boots for Autumn/Winter outfits

I recommend investing in a pair of brown and a pair of black boots – these are excellent for Autumn to Winter. Now we are in Spring, you will find several stores are offering a great discount on their boots in store.

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If you want a little touch of personality, you could break from the traditional black and brown, and invest in some colourful boots that work with your personal colour preferences. I love these white booties from Aldo, as they can be a great statement, but you could try maroon, purple, green, or even blue!

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Comfortable Flats for every day

Alongside the boots, I recommend a pair of comfortable “every day” flats, these can be plain or with a touch of personality, but they are excellent for running between meetings if you prefer to be comfortable. There are a huge range of options available, but for a more smart look, I highly recommend the classic brogue or dolly shoe, as these can work well with any outfit, and you can potentially head to meetings in them without the need to swap your shoes around. If you need a little height, but don’t want the discomfort of your heels, a platform is an excellent solution.

And don’t forget about the trainers, one of the greatest (and most comfortable) trend in shoes at the moment! The can transform your outfit from formal to smart casual in an instant, making you look fashionable and stylish, while preventing sore feet!

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The perfect pair of heels for any outfit

If you are a heels girl like me, then a pair of strappy heels can be great for the summer. If you want to show off a little flair when wearing your black monochrome outfit, then a pair of fabulous statement stilettos can be an fun piece in your shoe cupboard – there are these leopard print stilettos by Moda In Pelle, which are amazing, or for a little less statement, why not try these green stilettos by Hobbs of London. I also think a pair of nude heels can work wonders with a dress, jeans, trousers, or a skirt, so if you fancy treating yourself, I love the look of these nude shoes, as they are just the right heel for newbies and experienced heel wearers, and they basically go with everything!

Whatever your preference, you can truly show off your personality and style with your shoes, even if your business or job title require you to potentially stay a little more muted in your outfit choices. I hope these have given you some fun ideas for the essentials for your shoe cupboard, and I’d love to hear from you which shoes you love most to add a little spark to your outfit!