Style is changing, we have seen during the last year that fashion and style has evolved into a comfortable, practical form while we stay home and stay safe. However, for many of us, the “comfy” look can feel frumpy, and unstylish, so in this blog I wanted to share with you a few ways to make your comfy clothes feel & look great!

Go for colour!

Often the first thing I recommend to any of my personal styling clients is the importance of colour, and there is never a more important time to consider colour than when you are looking at your comfy wardrobe. While remaining comfortable, you want to feel put together, and a splash of colour really can help to bring through your personal style. Whether it’s a bright hoodie, or a colourful headband, bring some colour to your comfy wardrobe to feel more stylish.

Bring in texture

Something I find important about comfortable clothing is the textures. From textured velvets to wool, the textures you can find in your clothing will not only add an extra layer of comfort, but also work really well in adding a little style to your look. Velvet, for example, can look fantastic when on a video thanks to the different ways it picks up the light. Find some great textures & fabrics to add to your wardrobe and upgrade your comfy style.

Add a blazer!

If you want to upgrade your athleisure look in a flash, add a blazer! The added layer works beautifully over many different casual looks – from over a hoodie and jeans, to upgrading your workout top if you need to jump on a video call. I recommend having a few different styles of blazer in your wardrobe, a formal muted blazer, a fun piece that showcases your personality, and a thicker (perhaps wool) blazer for colder days.

Indulge in high quality comfortwear

While you may feel that the classic active wear you want to wear to work out in can be a budget piece, I highly recommend investing in some key comfy pieces that will last a lifetime. When you invest in a high-quality piece, you instantly feel more put together. This isn’t to say you have to spend thousands on a designer item, but looking for something that isn’t fast-fashion priced will mean your piece will last longer, and feel a better quality too. Knitwear is one category I recommend investing in and you can find some stunning items from the high street that are built to last and look unique. I also recommend getting a few “casual” pieces that can also transform into work-ready items like a matching set.

Embrace comfort

My final tip is to embrace that many of us are having to deal with a huge amount right now, from looking after the kids, living through a rollercoaster of changes, and our lives genuinely changing almost every day, you should give yourself the permission to embrace the comforts in your every day life. Whether that’s giving yourself time to yourself, or living in your favourite snuggly jumper and yoga pants, giving yourself the permission to be comfortable is just one way to help build your wellbeing during these trying times.

If you would like some advice to upgrade your comfort wear, or want some advice on how to create a wardrobe that is stress-free, I’d love to chat.