If you’re anything like me then you will be getting very excited about what the next few months will hold for us. Not only are we now able to once again see one another (within the government guidelines) but also, many of us will be beginning to go back to “normal” working lives. Whether it’s coming out of furlough, seeing clients face to face, or returning to the office after months at home, your wardrobe is going to need to return, potentially, to a more professional style. But how can you reorganise your wardrobe to reflect these changes?

Give yourself time

We have indulged, sat at home, and simply started to get used to the comfort of our working from home wear. This means that your previous professional outfits may feel uncomfortable or different to how they used to. Give yourself enough time to retry on your professional clothes, and permit yourself self-care should they no longer fit. Prevent yourself from holding onto clothes that are too big or too small, and just donate them. Take them out of your mind, and give yourself a little boost knowing that now you can upgrade your wardrobe to reflect your personality a little more with some clothes shopping. If you want to know my tips for making your online shopping experience successful, read my blog here.

Plan ahead

Now you have your clothes sorted in your wardrobe, and you’re ready to get back to your working routine, you’ll want to save yourself valuable time! For some, this return to work means extra early wake ups, and long commutes, so any time saved means more time in the shower, having breakfast, with the family, or just simply saving stress in the morning. Plan your outfit the night (or even the week!) before, so you know exactly what you’re going to pick up and put on.

If you are unsure on what outfits work well, then why not head to Pinterest for some inspiration (or give me a call to discuss a Personal Styling Session!) to help create outfits that you love. You can then plan them in a “flat lay” on the bed, see what accessories and shoes work well, and make some fun out of the whole planning process. Once you’ve curated outfits for the week, you can hang them all together so they are easy to pull out of your newly organised wardrobe in a flash.

You may also want to prepare a bag for your change of shoes if you are someone that does a lot of walking but needs to transform into high heels or less comfortable smart shoes for the office.

Create capsule spaces in your wardrobe

If you are changing up your routine with flexible working, meaning you may be working from home some days and then at the office on others, then you may want to create easy to access capsule areas in your wardrobe so you can easily switch between office workwear, and home workwear, as well as the fun clothing for outside brunches and, soon, date nights! When you know the area to pick and choose from for your outfits for specific days, it will make the experience so much more fun.

Manage your expectations

If you are feeling overwhelmed by what to wear, as it’s been a very long time for all of us living in the sort of “half professional” look, then you deserve to give yourself some time to manage your expectations for what the coming weeks and months will look like for you. Planning your outfits, getting clothes together in advance, and making sure there are no items in your wardrobe that don’t fit or suit you, will be one way to help keep the process smooth and calm. If you work in an office, or have networking events that you attend with close friends or contacts, you could all chat together before the working week to see how you’re getting on, help one another with outfit choices, and make it a more fun experience for you all.

My final piece of advice is to enjoy these changes – remember how fun it can be to dress up, create workwear outfits for a meeting, and feel professionally pulled together, and embrace that fun. If it doesn’t feel fun (or if you have always dreaded getting your clothes together for any occasion) then please get in touch – I can help you feel confident, comfortable, and make every morning an enjoyable one when it comes to clothes.