Are you a business owner, tired of your profile picture?

Would you like to have a powerful image that says more at first sight about who you are and what you do?

Would you like to look at your picture and think “I look great” and “Yes. That’s so me!!”

In that case, all you need is a good photographer and a skilled personal stylist!

After a successful first event held recently; personal stylist Stefania Bartolomei (from One of a Style) and photographer Cemanthe McKenzie (from Business Photography) decided to join their skills again and give another round to this exclusive Professional Headshot + Styling day.

You have the great, and unique, opportunity to have a professional business photographer and a personal stylist working together, at an exceptional price, to realize your unique business headshot, giving you styling tips about what to wear and guiding you on the best and most enhancing pose, all to make you look at your best and also express your business identity to the best!

Before the shooting day, you will be sent a questionnaire about your job/business and the message you want to give out in your marketing. Based on your answers, and mixing that information with other details of your business – like your logo and website – on your physical features, and also using the psychology of colours, Stefania will provide suggestions about what best to wear on the shooting day.

Optionally, she can make you up on the day, enhancing your look even more! (this is why you can choose between two ticket options)

Cemanthe will then use her skills on the day of the shooting to advise you on the best pose and profile, making sure you feel confident and at ease in front of the camera, and help you find your best side.

If you’re thinking about rebranding your business image with a great headshot that is talking about YOU, then this is the day for you! To book your tickest, click here

Here some testimonials from the last event’s attendees :

“Cemanthe’s a great photographer and she really put me at ease. I do find though that when the camera flash goes off, I instinctively blink, so generally you never see my eyes in any photo’s! Cemanthe talked me through a variety of ‘posing’ techniques and one of them helped me to stop blinking – this technique I will definitely use for future photo’s!

I’ve never had a colour consultation before and Stefania suggested the colours that best suited my skin tone and hair colour. I’m not overly comfortable with having my picture taken, but I was quite surprised how the green in my necklace that Stefania suggested & the green tinge in the background brought out the colour in my eyes. I love how they captured a very ‘natural’ look.

If you’re in need of a headshot and/or a colour consultation, do get in touch with these lovely ladies. It was a fab experience

Wendy J.”

Thank you to Stefania and Cemanthe for the wonderful headshots, what a great team! 

I never know what to wear for these things and Stefania’s guidance was so helpful.  Being able to send over pics of options before hand was great so that I could narrow down the options before I arrived.  I had never thought about how the colour you wear can affect what people think about you.

Cemanthe was great at making me feel relaxed and has such a skill for finding out what works best for you.   I now know which angles work best for me and how to look natural for the camera.I would recommend them to anyone who wants a great picture for their website so social media.

Angela J. ”

” Thank you again for your styling event which was wonderful.  I really enjoyed your styling session, all your support and guidance and you were a fantastic host as well.  Cemanthe, thanks so much for your photography and tips as well, much appreciated. I came away feeling confident and happy so thank you both so much for that.  The photos look great and I would highly recommended this service to anyone.

Sallie S. B.”