Aarti Bhanderi-Shah

Nutritional Therapy

0208 243 8908

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I'm a Nutritional Therapist, passionate foodie and most of all I get a real kick out of helping people to discover the best way to maximise their health - after all when you are healthy you feel happy. I have coached many people, male and females, aged between 20-60 to achieve their health goals - with a focus on weight loss and Type 2 diabetes.

I specialise in Personalised Nutrition and use cutting-edge DNA Nutrigenetic testing to map out the best diet and lifestyle for your genes. For example will a low carb or a low fat diet be most effective for long-term weight management? Do you have genetic tendency to have certain nutrient deficiencies and how can you tailor your diet to address these?

I simplify and explain the often conflicting world of Nutrition and make it relevant for you - we are all biochemically unique. My energetic personality will keep you motivated and accountable.

I share my simple, tasty culinary creations on the Your Plate YouTube cookery channel. I also have a fun and engaging podcast series called The YourPlate Podcast where I discuss lots of health and wellness subjects including gut health, sleep and mindfulness.

Modern day living has resulted in many of us running around endlessly and not giving our health the priority it needs. I offer detailed analysis and practical solutions that work for the long-term. I don’t do quick fixes. I help you realise that sometimes health is about small daily wins such as getting out into daylight for 15 minutes a day to boost your Vitamin D levels, immunity and can also improve your mood and sleep.

I gained my Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2018 and am Registered with BANT and CNHC.