Abi Wright

Alexander Technique expert

WIBN Groups


I am the proud founder of Inspiring Margot, which I was inspired to form on the birth of my daughter, who was poignantly, born on International Women’s Day. And suddenly I was thrust into the world of motherhood as well as being the role model to this inquisitive and lively baby girl. The problem was, I felt that society was not quite up to the task. Despite clear progressions forward we still live in a world where women feel they need to make themselves smaller and quieter to move forward. So having dedicated five years of my life perfecting the Alexander Technique, a tool that works to realign and readjust posture, I decided to combine my aspirations with science to help empower women of the workplace to own their space and feel body confident and proud. Meaning our daughter can stand on our shoulders so they can stand tall for the next generation.
I do this through the use of:
- Workshops
- Events (creating / providing speakers)
- Private Practice
If you would like to arrange a workshop for your office or collaborate with my team on organising an event please feel free to give me a call on 07828 026 604 or an email on [email protected]