Abigail Ireland

High Performance & Productivity Consultant

WIBN Groups


I help high achieving executives and their teams to take performance and productivity to the next level - to get results with more energy, more focus and less stress.

If you lead a team and want to boost employee productivity and performance, speak to me about training, coaching and consultancy solutions:

❖ Personal Effectiveness & Productivity Training

❖ Tailored Workshops on Performance & Productivity (covering Mindset, Business Productivity Strategies, Physical Fitness, Nutrition and more (tailored to requirements)

❖ Executive Performance Coaching

❖ Strategic Development of In-House Performance Programmes

❖ Keynote Presentations & Talks

I draw on my business and wellbeing expertise to deliver an integrated, 360-degree approach to performance - addressing teams and the individuals within them. My view is that performance can be optimised across three core dimensions covering Productivity, Psychology and Physiology:

❖ BUSINESS: How teams and executives interact, communicate and manage themselves and the way they work - using business systems, strategies and frameworks.

❖ MINDSET: The neuroscience and psychology behind high performance - mindset, attitude and thought processes.

❖ WELLBEING: Optimal management of physical and mental health.

The Business, Mindset and Wellbeing aspects of performance are interrelated and integrated. In order to achieve peak performance, all three components must be addressed. Neglecting one will lead to imbalance and an inability to reach high performance on a sustained basis.

I provide my clients with a tailored, holistic perspective on what it takes to achieve Peak Workplace Performance - by fine-tuning business, mental, emotional and physical drivers. As a qualified Master Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach, I can also develop physical wellbeing programmes to help teams operate at their best. My view is that it’s essential for human beings to focus on the human elements of performance first and foremost.

For more information, contact me at [email protected] or visit https://www.abigailireland.com/.