Alexandra Dodgshon

Business Valuations, Sales and Acquistions with Coaching

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Uscita - Italian meaning exit, outgoing, moving on, and that is exactly what I help SME business owners to do.

To begin, I provide independent valuations for a business. This gives you, the business owner, the ammunition and information you need to decide your next step.

If that next stet is to sell your business, we will bring it to market, seek buyers and help you along every step of the journey. Our tailored packages mean there is affordable support for every business, no matter what size.

Alongside the sales and valuations, we run a coaching program that specifically looks at getting your business fit and healthy for the sale market. Ideally suited to businesses to access 3-5 years ahead of the time they come to market. We take you through your business from a buyer's perspective to identify the areas that will be attractive, and those which need improvement.

The final string to our bow is that of acquisition searches. If we are selling businesses, it goes hand in hand that we are best placed to find acquisition targets too, if that is how you want to grow your existing business.

So whatever the life event you are facing that brings you to questions what to do next with your business, call me on 01606 535 020 for a confidential discussion.