Ali Gordon-Creed

BA (hons) MSc (Psychology) DC MMCA AMC Dip Counselling (BAC accredited)

07770 935579

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Ali Gordon-Creed - BA(hons) MSc (Psychology) DC MMCA AMC Dip Counselling (BAC accredited) - trained as a psychotherapist and person-centred counsellor from 1986-1996 and has over 25 years experience in the personal development field. She has taught at the Metanoia Psychotherapy Training Institute, at the University of Surrey Adult Development Programme, and co-founded and directed Experiential Events in Oxford. She has run workshops in Spain, Italy and the UK.

Future Perfect workshops are held at Ali's home studio on the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire border. We offer a variety of days and times (please visit our website for specific information.)

The sessions are generally run in small groups, although some people prefer to arrange a one to one session - we are very happy to discuss individual needs for times and dates.

Our 'flagship' vision board workshops are as popular as ever but we are excited to introduce a range of new workshops that all aim to enhance your wellbeing and happiness, opening up choices you never knew you had! Please read more on our website.

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