Ali Stewart

Executive Leadership Coach


Hi, I’m Ali Stewart, leadership coach, author and speaker.

I love helping people to be the best they can be, and I challenge and support leaders to put people at the heart of everything they do.

Because knowledge and direct skills are prized over leadership and interpersonal skills, we have leaders in post because of their skill, specialism or entrepreneurial flair, not because they are particularly skilled at leading and motivating people. In their drive to succeed, they often leave a trail of damaged bodies in their wake.

I set up the accrediting body for the award-winning Liberating Leadership® programme in 2008, and have over 150 accredited practitioners mostly in the UK, and expanding now across the world.

If you need an overview of my approach, I’ve written a quick, light book called ‘Insights into Liberating Leadership’.
My 3rd book is all about self-leadership, Pioneering Professional® - a game-changing approach to take your performance from good to great, giving you the self-directing skills for life.

Everything starts with understanding yourself first, and I use a dynamic tool called Insights Discovery® which beautifully and powerfully begins the development process.

Do contact me if you need help: [email protected]