Alice Mayers

History Capture



After leaving university, I followed my passion to become a field archaeologist. Being the first person to feel and hold an object since it had been discarded or lost by a Roman, a Viking or even a WWII airman was exhilarating. I felt that I was privy to a past moment in an otherwise long forgotten and unknown person’s life.

From archaeology, I moved into museums and other heritage and cultural organisations, where I could help objects speak to wider audiences. Seeing a child gasp as they held a mesolithic stone axe - an important piece of someone’s hunting kit - was a powerful moment.

It felt natural to me, where possible, to add real voices to those objects, through oral history, reminiscence sessions and education workshops. I witnessed children, spellbound, as elders recollected their childhood memories of playing in bomb sites and rationing.

I worked with former pupils of the Foundling Hospital, who spoke to young people in care and leaving care today about their experiences. These were always poignant and incredibly empowering meetings.

I have worked with many young people to tell their own stories and explore their own identities through film, photography, theatre, visual arts and other creative media. I realise that a strong personal identity and an understanding of the views of others, can give young people the confidence to lead their own successful lives.Everyone has a story that should be captured and preserved, which is why I set up The Story Keepers. I believe your story is important for you and for your family, it needs to be told and it needs looking after.