Angela Zeballos

Branding & Design

07976 310548

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Hi, I’m Angela Zeballos, Creative Director and founder of helps small to medium-sized businesses review and refresh their brand identity.
We offer expert consultancy, and compelling design at competitive rates, in order to help your business be successful.

I aim to produce creativity that is at the forefront of design and technology, reflecting the latest trends and social media activity. Responsible for taking projects from concept to implementation, whilst ensuring that quality and profitability are delivered each time. Project Management and Creative Direction are key passions and skills. Above all, I have a lively, inquisitive mind – brimming with ideas. I will always give my point of view to challenge and provoke my clients .

My main interests in life include architecture, art, fashion, colour, retail, design, interiors, sport and technology. In my spare time, I love playing tennis or spending quality time with my son :)