Anita Wright

Financial Advisor


WIBN Groups


I am an independent financial adviser with 13 years’ experience in the industry. I deal with various types of clients including business owners, individual clients, widows, families, divorcees, sports people and professional connections.

How I can help you?

I am getting divorced and am worried about my finances.
* I can help you establish if you can afford to get divorced at the present time and show you the steps to rebuilt your financial life after the divorce.

I want to get more financially organised.
* Being organised will help you make better financial decisions. After working with me you will feel
more in control and ready to plan your future.

I am a business owner and I want to make the best use of the 'lazy' cash in the company.
* I can advise you how to grow your company cash without taking excessive risk

I am inheriting some money but I don’t know what to do
* I will help you to build a financial plan to ensure your inheritance helps you achieve all you want

I want to sort out my pensions
* I will help you understand your existing pension and explain whether they are on track for your ideal
retirement and any action you need to take.

Specialties: holistic financial planning, investment solutions for business, commercial property purchase with pension monies, generation planning .