Anne Stewart

Skincare Specialist

WIBN Groups


Timeless Allure is a small independent medi-spa that strives to help all our clients achieve their health and beauty goals, so that they can feel good on the inside and be confident that they look great on the outside.

Too often ‘beauty’ is seen to be a privilege of the young that we should gracefully relinquish as time goes by. But at Timeless Allure we recognise that you never stop being you, so we use the latest technologically advanced equipment and scientifically developed products to provide treatments individualised to your unique needs, so that you get targeted effective results.

We can’t turn the clock back or stop ageing. But developments in skin science and technology mean that we can slow it down and we can improve our skin condition and appearance to reduce those signs that ‘age’ us – fine lines, wrinkles, lax skin and hyperpigmentation.
So, the ‘idea’? Simple – create a space where anyone feeling uncomfortable about their skin condition or appearance can feel relaxed, and be reassured that they will be listened to and given help and advice without the ‘hype’.

It is crucial that therapists have the appropriate level of expertise to be able to advise their clients correctly how they can best achieve their goals. I have a background in education and nursing, and I continually strive to update my knowledge and skills so that I can provide the most up to date treatments in a safe and effective manner.

I hold the internationally recognised Level 3 ITEC qualification in Advanced Beauty Therapy, as well as accredited diplomas for all of the advanced aesthetic treatments and branded products offered at Timeless Allure.

I am fully insured and a proud member of BABTAC - the Beauty Industry\\\'s premier professional association.