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I am Antoaneta - a Bulgarian-born entrepreneur and eco-friendly enthusiast, based in London. I came to the UK a little over twenty years ago and got situated in London, where I eventually started my first business- FastKlean. My eco-friendly journey began in 2018. While researching safer and healthier solutions for my businesses, I ran across a couple of really well-written green living articles, which kick-started my interest in the subject. Not long after, I found myself fully committed. I threw out all plastics to embrace a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. A few months later, I established Eco Bravo - my very own eco-friendly brand. The additional research, involved in the process, helped me both in the personal and professional sense and empowered my desire to help people from all across the globe. Eventually, this also led to the founding of Healthy Lifeside – a brand, dedicated to health, proper dieting and wellness.