April Lui

Semi Permanent Make Up

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I am a fully qualified and fully insured permanent makeup artist based in Maida Vale, London.

Originally from Singapore, I came to the UK when I was 16 for higher education. I returned home in the holidays and stayed with my aunt and my two cousins, who were then aged 4 and 5. One day, as my 4-year-old cousin was watching cartoons, I realised there was something different about him:

“Little cousin,” I asked, “is one of your eyebrows is missing?”

It turned out he’d used his father’s razor and shaved off his eyebrow earlier that morning – something he’d learned from watching cartoons.

After that, and before school each day, I’d do my best to pencil in his missing eyebrow to match the other side. His teacher didn’t notice until 2 weeks later. This was the first time I was inspired by makeup.
I completed my studies in BSc Medical Engineering at Queen Mary University and in MSc Biochemical Engineering at UCL. I then worked in the field of medical insurance while searching for a career that would satisfy my creative flair and make a real difference to people’s lives at the same time.
I realised that I had cling onto an unspoken old Chinese cultural standard. You have to be a doctor, lawyer, business owner to be seen as successful and anything creative such as makeup or designing was seen as less. Hence being a makeup artist never occurred to me as a real option.
I gave up this believe since most of my free time throughout university and corporate career, I have chosen to use it to experiment with makeup, researching on latest skin care and makeup products, anti-aging diets, diets that would help clear up acne. ‘Beautifiying’, friends, my family and myself was what brought me the most joy.

As a self-taught makeup artist, I also had professional training with Academy Of Freelance Makeup.

Having worked in the corporate world for 7 years and my life’s experience in conventional makeup, I sought a new challenge.

Permanent makeup seemed like a logical progression given my love in makeup and ‘Beautifiying’, . I decided to explore this as a potential career and I signed up for an experience day at Natural Enhancement.

I was standing in the corner of the treatment room shadowing a technician perform an eyeliner treatment with a mature lady. She was almost dozing off during the treatment and there was some soft music playing in the background. I could see myself doing this life changing work 5 minutes into the session. For the first time in my life, I truly felt that I was in the right time at the right place.

Permanent makeup is both a science and an art form. I believe that my scientific background gives me the edge to approach permanent makeup in a scientific approach, always methodical, meticulous, precise and repeatable. I believe that this edge, and my natural flair in makeup allow me to produce beautiful results consistently.
No matter your age or your goals for permanent makeup, I will tailor a bespoke look that enhances your natural beauty.
‘This is April, helping you to wakeup with makeup!’
Good Luck!