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I’m a Midlife Transition Coach, on a mission to help women of a over 40 to take control of their health and wellness through sustainable, achievable and enjoyable lifestyle changes.
I help women to find balance in mind, body and spirit using my proprietary NEST Framework to teach clients how to incorporate healthier habits gradually and consistently and to overcome some of the barriers stopping them reaching their full potential..
I have been called ‘the voice of reason’ when it comes to sensible lifestyle habits and consider everyone to be truly unique and treat every client as an individual, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.
In addition, I am a freelance Menopause in the Workplace Trainer, helping businesses and organisations to support their female workforce through workshops and seminars to raise awareness and debunk some misconceptions about this natural phase in a woman’s lifecycle.
I am a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach (PN1), A certified health coach, a qualified personal trainer and behaviour change coach and also a group exercise instructor, spending the last 20+ years teaching exercise to music, Boxercise and circuit training classes.
I also have a BA in Business and Enterprise, am qualified to Level 4 in both adult education (PTTLS) and Advice and Guidance and continue to develop my lifelong learning.

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