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Beverley graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in Sports Science. After discovering Pilates in Australia after back problems, this inspired her to train & qualify with the Body Control Pilates Association in matwork from beginners to advanced, the reformer, Cadillac. She has also done the other studio equipment training as well as all the small equipment and courses such as Pilates for osteoporosis and ante & post natal Pilates. Beverley ran her own successful studios in Hertfordshire for 16 years helping clients especially following prolapsed discs, sciatica & back pain, she’s recommended by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons such as Mr Jonathon Kitson as well as many Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.

Beverley has now been a Pilates Teacher over 22 years and teaches her mindfulness pilates membership and one to ones worldwide online.

Beverleys biggest passion in her Pilates work is to help you get your life back after suffering back pain, prolapsed discs and sciatica. Having experienced this herself, she knows what it feels like and the best exercises to practice to help you get the best results, learning at exactly the right pace and level for you. She teaches you how to confidently practice at home and incorporate your Pilates into your lifestyle to re-gain your strength, core stability and confidence.

Why did Beverley become a Pilates Teacher?
Following her Sports Science Degree, she travelled the world and during a stay in Sydney, Australia she suffered yet another re-curring back problem and discovered the benefits of Pilates which made a huge difference. Following a nasty road traffic accident in Cairns, she was inspired to use Pilates in her re-habilitation from back, neck and multiple wrist fractures and operation. Pilates helped so much that this inspired her to help others reduce back pain and feel good again.

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