Beverly Hopper

Tax Specialist Rebates


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Having spent a career in corporate life, I have always believed in stretching myself and have done many things that my younger self would never have thought possible, not having followed a defined career path, I worked in many sales management roles and love to help people develop and reach their potential. Have I always made the right decisions, heck no, there is much I would change and probably because of that I have learned quite a lot about myself and how corporations work.
After I took the decision to become self-employed, I then needed to move into a whole new world of self-development as many in the same position will vouch for. Life is an evolution as is business development and my business continues to develop and grow as we take on new partners.
Having found our key partner in Research and Development Tax Credits and unclaimed Capital allowances, I am very excited about how many businesses we will reach and in doing so be able to help them to further accelerate their business growth with a significant cash injection from HMRC. Payments to which they are entitled, yet not always aware of, its great to be the bearer of glad tidings!