Bianca Riemer

Leadership Coach

WIBN Groups


Bianca is a Women's Leadership Coach and Rapid Transformational Coach. She works with women (and men) who feel like something is holding them back in their career or business. She helps them find and fix those subconscious blocks so that they can advance in their career or business with ease.

Bianca has almost two decades experience in financial services. She is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a multi-award-winning Stock Market Analyst. She initially got a bad-fail in her final professional accountancy exam, and suffered from imposter syndrome when she got hired by Morgan Stanley as a Stock Market Analyst. She tried to compensate by over-working, but collapsed in a gym class. After seeking help, she stopped working evenings and weekends and got promoted. What made the difference? She took the courage to stand out, innovate, and become a thought leader. She got ranked #5 out of over 200 analysts in the Thomson Extel Investor Survey twice despite 2 long maternity leaves.

Today, she helps other women unleash their inner leader via coaching, RTT Hypnotherapy and Pranic Healing.

Follow Bianca on social media or email her at [email protected] to find out more.