Carol Keenan

Travel Agent

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I have been in the travel industry for thirteen years. My incredible wanderlust has brought me to the most unique and beautiful destinations in the world.
Travel is good for the soul and regeneration of the mind. Whether its climbing a mountain cruising across an ocean or relaxing at the beach.

As a child I had a book on costumes around the world. At night in bed I just to look at every page and tell my sister one day I’m going to go there. I have completed about three quarters of the journey now but still lots more to see. The passion has never left me. I have lived around the world and now have finally settled in London, I still look at Big Ben and it reminds me of my child hood.
My personal experiences are invaluable and dealing with my clients I will always try to speak from my own experience and offer my advice and guidance.

My bespoke service is luxury experiences worldwide
Yoga/spa retreat
Yachts/private jet
Island retreats
Day experiences with fine dining
Wine tours worldwide
Supercar rallys