Charlotte Jackson

Invoice Finance

0773 6359269

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I have over 20 years’ experience with Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance, a provider of invoice finance solutions to SME businesses in the UK.

Invoice Finance enables businesses to access the cash tied up in unpaid invoices to ensure suppliers and staff can be paid on time while waiting for customers to pay, or to take advantage of opportunities to grow their business using their sales ledger and other tangible assets such as plant and machinery or stock.

At Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance, we are passionate about providing excellent customer service to our clients. From start-ups through to multinationals we are committed to working closely with our clients to build close working relationships, sharing our sector expertise and experience to ensure that value is added to the relationship. As part of our commitment to service we do not tie our clients into lengthy agreements. Our agreements are for 0 months with just 1 months-notice for the first 6 months of the relationship, increasing to 3 months thereafter.

My extensive knowledge of invoice finance enables me to put in place invoice finance solutions that are tailored to a business owner’s specific needs, meeting their funding requirements and helping them to achieve their goals for the business.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information or a meeting to find out more about Invoice Finance.