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I am an artist of bright, vibrant paintings and installations inspired by nature, flowers, gardens and WWI commemoration. I am an artist that creates happiness and smiles. My work is created intuitively, trusting that the emotions and energy of the place or subject will appear through me into the art in my distinctive style. I love colour, metallics and sparkle as these create a positive happy mood from my work as you view each piece. Happiness and nature are my inspiration and these alongside the stories in each piece of work aim to connect people to the natural world and to each other. Before art found me I was a professional wildlife conservationist for 18 years. The obvious route is not for me as I love to see people thinking about a subject and the work I create in my expressive creative style. I am totally self taught and run workshops to increase confidence with creativity as I believe that creating is inherent in all of us and is often lost through experiences as we become adults. I love to paint live at events and weddings creating an experience and a painting that is unique to that place and that moment in time. A major theme of my work is a series of art commemorating people, places and events of WWI which has run from 2014. Much of this work has been created in Belgium and France. Overall I want to make a difference to people through my art and to the natural world, both of which are so precious to me.

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