Cheska Bennett




With a mission to create confident, commercially successful marketers and marketing campaigns, I created Olive Marketing & Training to do just that. With 15 years working in global travel & leisure brands, my consultancy and training brings those wonderful experiences to a wider audience for small business owners to expand their success.

Marketing Training: I deliver marketing training for small business owners who are looking for marketing knowledge, and expertise, as well as coaching support to independently grow their business. This flexible and affordable training enables you, the business owner, to develop your marketing plans to enable the most efficient way to grow.

Marketing Consultancy: My other area of expertise is to support small business owners and international brands with marketing projects whether this be launch marketing or creating marketing plans to be executed, scale-up growth and digital marketing activity or interim hands-on support.

Whatever the project, the most important element is that you, the business owner, feels confident in your brand, marketing activity and performance. I work as your partner whether through training or projects to ensure you see success for the fantastic business you are growing.

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