Clare Bardsley

Online Learning Specialist

0113 873 0044

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I am passionate about people.

With a background in training and retail management I have come to my role at Cloudtrainer with a breadth of knowledge about learning in the workplace and a great understanding of how powerful effective learning management can be.

I talk to businesses of all shapes and sizes about their internal communications and learning strategies for their staff. Taking into account company goals and visions for the future, I look for ways to build on the practices already in place by taking the management of learning online.

Cloudtrainer's Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to improve, streamline and strengthen the learning process and manage your training in one easily accessible online system. We have taken our experience of working with large scale companies and built an online portal that can fit the needs of any business with a price and functionality that scales up and down for each size of team, making us an affordable and viable option for every growing business.
Our LMS takes the pressure off and allows you to spread the right message to your team and ensure everyone has up to date training, as and when they need it.

By using Cloudtrainer you could;

* Log in from anywhere
* Add your staff, create teams and job roles
* Streamline your staff induction process
* Automate training bundles for specified job roles
* Create your own online training courses
* Monitor your teams progress at a glance
* Record performance
* Send invitations to face to face training sessions using our online calendar of events
* Improve your internal communications
* Create a useful bank of resources for your people to access whenever they need them
* Track CPD effectively without the need for spreadsheets

And last but not least create yourself some time to drive your business forward!

If you are wondering about taking your learning strategy to the next level, whether online is going to be right for you or not i am always happy to explore the options and share with you what I know.

Drop me a line at [email protected] or give me a call on 0113 8730044.