Danielle Abramov


07866 767 285


How can I help you today?
• Do you need support for your mental, emotional or physical health?
• Are you fed up with taking drugs which mask your symptoms but don’t get to the root of what’s causing the problem?
• Would you like to heal holistically, gently and permanently?
If you’re nodding then call me today on 07866 767 285 or email me: [email protected]
“Danielle is such a lovely lady and a wonderful homeopath to see especially if you are feeling very down. For anyone that is sceptical like me I strongly advise just giving it a go as it could be the perfect natural solution. I’ve heard of homeopathic remedies working for more physical symptoms such as hay fever and really wasn’t sure it could help with something such as depression but I was wrong!”
Your appointment
When we meet I will listen in a non-judgemental and empathetic way to whatever’s troubling you.
You’ll get a safe space and time to be heard by someone who is not only a highly-qualified homeopath but has also gone through many of life’s challenges and understands the pain and joy that life can bring.
Following my training, and having seen hundreds of patients in the last 10 years, I am now convinced that mental and physical health is intertwined. Ease one and you ease the other.
By listening carefully to you, and the way in which you speak about how you feel, I will piece together a description of what your body and mind are going through. In homeopathy like cures like, so I will then prescribe a remedy that is most similar to your symptoms.
“When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer (Stage 3) I came to see you as you had been recommended by friends .I could not have hoped for the kind of support you offered me. You have been more than my homeopath. You have been my counsellor, my friend, my shoulder and my homeopath. You gave me the strength to get through each challenge and I know you made the journey easier for me.”
You can talk to me about:
• Irregular or painful periods
• Menopause symptoms
• Insomnia
• Fears and phobias
• Skin conditions including eczema and nappy rash
• Arthritis
• I.B.S.
• Children’s behavioral concerns and ailments
• Depression and anxiety
• Chronic fatigue
• Asthma
• Side effects of I.V.F. (I have triplets who were conceived by I.V.F.)
• Morning sickness
• Chilblains
I am highly qualified and experienced:
• I have a B.Sc. (Hons) in Homeopathy from the Middlesex University Centre for Homeopathic Education (2007)
• I also have a Diploma from The Purton House School of Homeopathy (4 year- long study programme ending in 2009)
• In 2016 I qualified in Homeobotanicals, a range of herbal combinations that are made more gentle somewhat like traditional homeopathic remedies
Why did I train to be a homeopath?
Once I saw how quickly homeopathy had a positive effect on one of my triplets I was hooked, and that’s why I am now qualified to homeopathically help with any issues which are limiting your life, or the life of someone you love.
Did you know that I speak several languages?
I am fluent in English, French and Hebrew.