Debbie Fry

Financial Advisor

WIBN Groups


I am a Financial advisor in Grant Thornton Financial Counselling which is the financial planning arm of Grant Thornton.

I specialize in a number of key financial planning areas :- pre and post retirement planning, tax efficient business protection, inheritance planning, investments and savings, pension scheme wind ups, risk benefits such as mortgage protection, cancer cover, income protection, life cover and bespoke financial planning to name but afew.

Most clients fall into one of 3 categories, those in need of wealth creation, wealth maintenance or inheritance planning and we provide a service where we work with our clients to create a visual journey for them in line with where they currently at, looking at where they want to get to and the key focus on how we are going to help them achieve that.

We sit under the tax department so it’s great to be able to lean on them for professional advice when needs be.

The industry has historically had a bad reputation but with the increased focus on regulation and compliance that is changing.. transparency is key.

My qualifications include Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA), Retirement planning advisor (RPA). I also hold the LIA University Diploma in Financial Services as well as LCOI, the ACOI diploma in Compliance. I am currently studying Ethics and Consumer Protection in Financial Services through the Institute of Bankers.