Debra Isaacson

Hair Styling Technology

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As co-founder of RevAir LLC and co-inventor of its revolutionary hair drying product, I lead the RevAir business in the UK. RevAir is the world's first and only reverse-air dryer. Breaking with years of convention, RevAir uniquely uses suction to dry hair to a smooth, straight finish. Using less heat than blowdryers and straightening tools, RevAir is faster, healthier and easier than anything before.

A US/UK invention, RevAir first launched in the US and then, a year later in 2019, here in the UK. Having taken the internet by storm, RevAir is winning fans amongst customers who once struggled to manage their wavy, curly or coily hair and maintain a straight style. Targeted at both consumer and professional audiences, RevAir is fast gaining a reputation as a true industry game changer.

Prior to RevAir I've had a long career in marketing, business development and communications starting in NYC and spanning several continents. Having worked on both the client and agency sides, I've held positions at Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company, BBDO advertising and the OMD media network.