Denise Gillies

Charity Fundraiser


After graduating with a BA Hons in Music Performance, I spent a few months travelling around Asia, including volunteering at an Animal sanctuary, which inspired me to find work with a charity. Returning, I found my first calling at the wonderful school Treloar’s. I discovered the difficulties individuals face when their bodies were not following the intuitive norm. This is where I felt at home, tailoring a solution to each individual. Where there wasn’t a solution, a team of engineers created one. From Giant buttons on electric wheelchairs for those less dexterous to heavy weighted nail polish stands for those with too much wobble. It was ingenious and life enhancing.
Two years on, I moved to London to sing and tour the UK festival circuit to follow my musical ambitions. However, having stayed in touch with charities, I found DEMAND. Looking to further a sustainable career, I stumbled across a charity that creates solutions for any person, anywhere with a disability of any AGE looking for a part-time fundraiser!
Seven years later, I am still here on a full-time basis, loving every minute!