Emma Backshall

Health & Wellness Coach

07967 382373

WIBN Groups


I am a Health & Wellness Coach & I work mostly with women in small groups or 1-2-1 helping them to unlock their true potential and achieve optimum health.

Health, wellness & weight loss requires a very different approach in the 21st Century. We are constantly bombarded with chemicals & toxins from the environment, from the food we eat, from the cleaning products we use in our home, from the products we use on our skin & from our internal stressors. All of which play havoc with our physical and mental health. Our body is an amazing machine and, given the right enviroment, it can heal itself but it needs the right enviroment to begin this process.

Together we work to provide this enviroment by improving sleep, increasing energy, balancing hormones & blood sugar levels, reducing stress & eliminating brain fog & bloating. This is achieved through nutritional education, supplementation, mind set & appropriate forms of exercise.