Emma Cowley

Investment Manager

WIBN Groups


I am an investment manager at Brewin Dolphin, I help people manage their finances.

I work with my clients to understand their aims, goals and aspirations; we work together to understand where they are and where they want to be. For many this is saving for the future, for school fees, for retirement, providing an additional income either now or at some point in the future when the current situation may change. Together, we work on a plan on how best to achieve this.

I know how busy life can get and I understand that saving efficiently and investing for the future can easily become slightly neglected. My 8 year career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch throughout the financial crisis taught me this. I take the pressure off my clients and let them concentrate on their own busy lives. This means I take responsibility for investing to achieve their goals whilst utilising all ISA, dividend and capital gains tax allowances that are available to them. It is easy to miss out on this ‘low hanging fruit’ which means that investments have to work that much harder for the goals to be met.

I also work with IFA\'s, accountants, family and private client solicitors to help their clients with their investments.

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