Emma Ferguson

Training and Development, Mentoring and Coaching



I have been the Managing Director of my own Childcare Company for 20 years. It is now time to change it up a bit and I am in the processes of developing online and in person "Employability" training, Coaching and Mentoring aimed at 16+ years, employees returning to the workplace and employers.

This training will induct students into the ethics of working within any business environment and give insights to the Application processes, Interviews and the expectations of employers across a range of organisations.

This training, Mentoring and Coaching can also be tailored to meet individual organisation needs as a way of inducting new employees (including Apprentices) into the operations of a specific organisation and can also help and support employers get the best out of their employees and move the organisation forward to become innovated and successful,

I have noticed over the last 10 years that formal training such as Apprenticeships, NVQ's and BTEC's have lost the vision of the employer when recruiting and training students on these training courses and many joining the workforce do not know what the expectations and aims of an organisation are.

Due to the current economic climate, protentional employees need to be equipped with the best possible tools to be successful in the recruitment process as we are entering a highly completive time, which is going to take years to recover from. However these people are the future and need to be guided and educated to become successful, professional individuals that will be an asset to any organisation.